Our Culture Culture Of Safety


女优淫娃培训营鈥檚 culture of safety is comprised of a few fundamental principles that work together to encourage and promote team member ownership of their safety attitude, beliefs, and behaviors at work and at home – Safety 24/7. Safety First is the foundation of 女优淫娃培训营鈥檚 Core Values and is the unmistakable commitment that is required by each team member to do what it takes to complete their work injury and incident-free.


Our commitment to Safety First goes beyond compliance to bring focus to the importance of having a Zero At-Risk Behaviors mindset; the belief that all injuries and incidents are preventable with intentional thought and action. To cultivate this mindset, we permit and promote the personal responsibility for being MAPPED Out (Motivated, Accountable, Practice Perfectly, Exercise Discipline). To this end, each team member has Stop Work Authority without repercussions to stop any unsafe operation or at-risk behavior to ensure their safety, the safety of their family, and the safety of others.


We believe that working injury and incident-free starts with having the Knowledge, Skill, and Ability to do so. This is why we have an unwavering commitment to Learning, Development, and Leadership that sets our Safety & Health training apart on every level (Qualified, Competent and Authorized Person) from our competitors.