Oil & Natural Gas Hydrostatic Testing of Existing Compressor Station

Not limited to working only in the Midwest region, IKPS is not afraid to travel to meet our client鈥檚 project requirements and timelines. This Integrity Management project is an example of a complex compressor station located in New York. Consisting of pipe 2 inches to 36 inches in size and up to .750 wall thickness (Grade X-70), IKPS was hired to perform upgrades and hydrostatic testing of the existing below- and above-ground pipe system. Because of the below-ground configuration and congestion of the active pipelines, mechanical excavation was not feasible. Instead all excavation was done by air knife and hydro-excavation. IKPS worked with the client to develop a step-by-step procedure to perform the hydrostatic testing in multiple segments, in order to manage to intricate pipe system. This test involved taking the pipeline out of service (blow-down, air mover operations, cold cut and removal of pipe sections) filling with water, holding the pressure for 8 hours, then drying the system to a -40 degree dew point. Once the line was tested, IKPS proceeded with the upgrade and replacement work, then supported the client through the commissioning process.

  • Location:
    New York